Six Common Mistakes Companies Make when processing Invoices/Statements Inhouse

Six Common Mistakes Companies Make when processing Invoices/Statements Inhouse

The PLD Group, Inc. is an award-winning, woman-owned business enterprise and a respected long-time veteran providing bill presentment solutions to numerous clients in the US and overseas. The PLD Group, Inc. is one of the most respected statement processing companies in the industry who delivers clients a seamless process for sending invoices and statements at a substantial cost savings that makes processing inhouse obsolete.

The PLD Group Inc. understands the difficulties that companies encounter when they attempt to process invoices and statements inhouse. Over the years, The PLD Group Inc. has witnessed so many companies challenged to process their statements internally and their relief when they partner with The PLD Group Inc.

Let’s learn from The PLD Group Inc. experience…


Printing in full color is not only unnecessary but expensive as well. It might sound appealing initially, but eventually, it doesn’t have much payoff. At The PLD Group, Inc., our high-tech print and mail specialists design a customized statement utilizing highlight colors creating a visually appealing invoice/statement that is easy to read and understand.


Incorrect printing or contact, missing line items, or email information can be costly for your business and have a negative impact on your accounts receivable by causing delays in payments from customers. The PLD Group’s years of experience and thorough processes, ensure that all information provided is entered in the precise format structure leaving nothing out. Additionally, The PLD Group, Inc., includes address cleansing so that the customer is not repeatedly sending statements to a bad address and wasting money on postage.


There are organizations with compliance restrictions who are required to use a specified font or size for the statement to be in compliance and accepted. The PLD Group, Inc. understands this criterion and is able to provide the format required. Some font styles might be appealing to look at but not be appropriate for an invoice or statement. Fonts too artistic, novelty fonts, or too small can make it difficult for customers to read, especially challenging for people with compromised eyesight, thus delaying their remittance.


Invoices and statements represent your company. A well-defined invoice/statement reflects the perception of your business operations and accounting. If an invoice or statement is poorly designed, making it difficult to understand, it may cause the customer to question the charges and therefore delay remittance. The PLD Group Inc. will assist you in developing an easy-to-read custom statement that illuminates your organization and the branding that it deserves.


As noted above, statements and invoices need to be easily understood. Sometimes technical explanations within the document are too extensive and confuses the customer. If a customer doesn’t understand, they won’t pay.


More information doesn’t mean it’s always better. Too much information can dilute the actual understanding of your statement while instilling uncertainty in the validity of the charges. Too many lines can increase the page count which in turn increases the cost of processing the statement. Keep it simple and include only essential information relevant to the service. Utilizing The PLD Group’s concise, efficient format, the customer can comprehend the document descriptions without questioning the service or the line item.

The PLD Business Management professionals understand the necessary vitals and have crafted their forms for precise understanding without excessive data prone to overwhelm.

For more information, browse our website at or contact us at 760-343-0700, Ext. 102 for Patti or Ext. 101 for Jim, to learn how we can add value to your business.

Can a Reliable Billing System Improve your Bottom Line?

Can a Reliable Billing System Improve your Bottom Line?

Yes! That’s what smart businesses tell us. Many new businesses (and established ones too) struggle with their billing process in-house. They try to fit it in between the daily pile of paperwork that never seems to diminish. They typically order extra paper, envelopes, extra printer ink and then have to set aside a day to print, fold, stuff, stamp and run to the post office.

Outsourcing can be a Better Way to Process Billing while Saving you Money

Outsourcing your statement print and mail process to an industry leader like The PLD Group, Inc. using an automated system to accurately and securely processes your statements, include postage, and deliver them to the post office, can save you time, money and stress.

No Duplicate Billing or Omissions

Your clients receive a customized statement specific to your office and you are provided with a secure site to view each statement processed before and after the statement is sent out. This ensures the accuracy of your statements and provides your customers with complete all-inclusive information negating any calls to your office for clarification.

Maintaining Accurate Records

Another key benefit to relying on a professional print and mail company like The PLD Group, Inc. is that your bookkeeping is simplified, providing an organized system to easily view your outstanding accounts through billing statement records always accessible to you for accounting and tax use.

It’s easy to see how partnering with a proven print and mail professional is essential for every business. In addition to enjoying all the advantages derived from knowing your billing is timely and accurate, your customers turn-around remittance time will improve. So make a decision to be more efficient while saving money and contact The PLD Group, Inc. today at 760-346-0700 or online at The PLD Group, Inc. is also equipped to send out your special mailings, professional recall postcards, physician credentialing, archiving solutions and more.