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With The PLD Group
You will no longer

worry about...


Printing, folding and inserting sheets of paper


Fixing jammed printers


Replenishing paper in printers


Long-term contracts on postage machines


Stamping and mailing envelopes


Purchasing and managing a print inventory


Wasted forms


Hiring and training new mailroom employees


Coordination of marketing inserts

Smart Tips:




(National Change of Address)


The PLD Group is proud to use NCOALink technology licensed by the United States Postal Service, to search all address changes filed with the USPS within the last eighteen months. The PLD Group's NCOALink service is two programs in one, enabling our customers to utilize in-stream address cleansing each time they transmit statement files, and to periodically transmit their entire active address files to The PLD Group for processing.


This service prevents re-mailing to incorrect addresses, reduces undeliverable mail by using the most current address information available from the USPS, and speeds collections. NCOALink™ technology also explains why an address change occurred or why mail cannot be forwarded.


Once your file is completed, a full report will be provided enabling your staff to update your database. These electronic reports contain customer name, account number, old address and new address. Having a timely report will ensure your organization does not continue to send your documents to your customer's old address.


The cost per corrected address is less than the address correction fee charged by the USPS if a separate notice of the new address is provided to you. It can also eliminate the need to manually track change-of-address notices.

Benefits for The PLD Group NCOA Service:

  • Documents are sent directly to your customer's new address
  • You have control to update your database in a timely manner
  • Cost is less than the standard USPS cost!

Over 44 million Americans move every year, yet only 1 out of every 5 families will notify the USPS of their new address. How many took the time to let you know?


Did you know? The USPS allows a mail piece to successfully pass through NCOA and mail even though a family has been identified as ‘moved left no forwarding address’? With The PLD Group selective suppression, these addresses are stopped and no statement is printed or mailed. 


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