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One of the most important tasks, in any organization, is to ensure statements are processed, printed, and mailed in a timely manner. We know that spending countless hours processing billing statements keeps you and your staff from focusing on the most important elements of your business.  It can keep your attention from taking excellent care of your customers as well as other core business issues.  In outsourcing these tasks, you will be able to lower production and warehousing costs, benefit from postage discounts, and increase your back office efficiency.

The PLD Group has the expertise and cutting edge technology to not only do in minutes what would likely take you hours or days, but also to save you money at the same time. That is why outsourcing to The PLD Group is such a smart choice. We are experts at getting your statements, letters, and notices, produced and delivered on time and to the right people.

• Statements/Invoices are printed on high quality laser-perforated paper
• Highlight Colored & customized to your needs
• Inserted with #9 courtesy reply envelopes
• Bar-coded, sorted, and mailed first class within 24-48 hours


Document Delivery & Design
The key to our system is its flexibility. There are few limitations to how we can format or manipulate your statement data. We can produce virtually any desired formatting requested.

At The PLD Group, our programmers work closely with clients throughout initial set-up as well as during every data processing evolution. The Key Manager assigned to your account will be intimately familiar with all aspects of your process.

The following options are just a few of many considerations we offer for statement design:

• Quality Assurance using data matrix bar-coding
• Data Analysis
• Envelope Set and preprinted (color) form designs
• Scripting and mapping data to fit your statement layout
• 2D bar-coding and/or OMR for intelligent inserting
• Address cleansing
• Conditional formatting and/or calculations
• Conditional document exclusion
• Conditional document non-mailing
• Page formatting, pagination, duplexing, landscape/portrait mode
• Remittance form on perforated stock
• Custom reporting
• Customized tray pulls
• Custom paper size formatting
• Organizational logo
• Modular math to calculate check digits for OCR scan lines
• Selective Inserting
• Variable Messaging
• Marketing message on statements

Still not convinced The PLD Group can improve your cash flow? Call us today for a free comprehensive cost analysis of your current system vs. the cost of utilizing an outsourcing partnership. Our savings proposal is documented and historically has exceeded expectations 100% of the time.



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