Why Use Us :

The Benefits:

• No warehousing of paper, envelopes, or customized forms
• No purchase of equipment and supplies, which sit idle much of the time
• No reruns, reprints or spoiled printing
• Improved cash flow
• Turn-around time within one business day
• Postal net bar-coding speeds delivery and remittance
• Return envelope with addressed remittance slip encourages quick payment
• Address reporting services
• Postal Enhancements including CASS certified address correction, DPV and reporting
• NCOA or National Change of Address (where applicable) plus updated address reporting
• Accurate, high quality, professional looking statements/invoices
• No set-up fee
• Integration of personalized messages on customer mailings. Messages can be tailored for any group of aging
• Compatible with any software application
• Better use of labor resources
• Consolidated billing for multiple accounts or services on one invoice / statement
• Data transfer - 24x7x365



Smart Suppression


Controlling postage costs is important. However, properly delivering your statements and invoices is more important. No one wants to receive a pile of mail marked ‘return to sender’.

The PLD Group is once again taking a leading position by utilizing ‘Smart Suppression’ to help in reducing unnecessary returned mail. This program not only saves your organization money in unnecessary returns but will also reduce your overall monthly statement bill!

Here’s how it works:
While preparing your statement print file for processing, we will also look for:

  • Blank address lines (address line 1)
  • 99999 in the zip code
  • The words ‘homeless’ or ‘transient’ in the address line
  • An “*” before the address
  • Any other identifying areas to be developed

These statements will be automatically marked for ‘do not print and mail’.

  • The suppressed names will  appear on your BMR (Business Management  Report) so you will be able to identify and update your records accordingly.
  • Suppressed statements will be processed at a fraction of the full price currently charged for printing and mailing.

There is no need for additional enrollment or selection; this program is automatically added for our customers during the set up stages.


Returned Mail can be Costly ... With Smart Suppression you can start Saving Wasted Money!


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