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Smart Return


Replace your large bins of return mail with just one report …

In a quest to master all aspects of your print and mail project, The PLD Group introduces ‘Smart Return’, an innovative program that identifies the hidden ‘cost robbers’ in your return mail as well as offering a solution that instantly reduces costs, ultimately increasing your bottom line.

Return mail can be very costly! Last year the United States Postal Service announced over 30% of all mail was undeliverable as addressed (UAA).  In addition, your database accuracy erodes at a rate of 15% a year. These staggering statistics negatively impact your bottom line in the form of lost receivables, increased labor costs, unnecessary re-printing and mailing costs, not to mention lost customers!  

The average ‘return mail’ employee can’t keep up with updating and processing return mail. A recent study conducted at several large medical groups and hospitals showed it took an average of 3 months for a return mail piece to be ‘worked into the system’ and noted as a bad address. It wasn’t surprising to see a statement with a bad address generated and mailed 7 times in 7 months! Those large stacks of un-worked returned mail place a hidden burden on your bottom line - the negative affect is staggering.

Thanks to The PLD Group ‘Smart Return’, customers are enjoying freedom from handling returned mail forever as well as the cost burden associated with the manual handling and processing of this mail. The process is simple:

  • UAA mail is returned to The PLD Group facility instead of the client.
  • Returned mail is staged, sorted, and separated into 4 categories found to better direct results as well as identify boomerang mail (mail misrouted back to the sender without attempt to reach recipient)
  • A daily/weekly report is generated to recap each returned piece including the date of return, the date of statement, guarantor name and address, amount of invoice, reason for return, as well as any other information requested.
  • Each piece is securely destroyed.
  • A quarterly report is also available to ensure continual cost and accurate efficiency.

With ‘Smart Return’ from The PLD Group, you will:

  • Totally Eliminate The Handling of Return Mail
  • Substantially Reduce Printing and Mailing Costs within 30 days
  • Improve Cash Collections
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increase Your Bottom Line

Statistics show the cost of returned mail to be $6.80 each to manually handle, process, and update into the database. Statistics also show an undeliverable mail piece will be printed and returned to sender an average of 3 times before it is updated in the database.  This makes the average cost of each piece of returned mail to be more than $20.00! With Smart Return, all of your returned mail is centrally routed to The PLD Group for processing. The returned mail is then divided into 6 segments with reports representing each type of returned mail:

  • Not deliverable as addressed
  • Manually moved notation
  • White Mail
  • Boomerang mail
  • Insufficient Address
  • CASS Error Notifications
  • Customized to any tab your organization would benefit from

Containers of returned mail are replaced with just one weekly detailed report identifying each piece and the proper suggested handling needed. During Beta testing, it was uncovered that it took less than 30 seconds to update the database with each identified address, immediately sending a signal to suppress upcoming printing. Further testing uncovered the cost of Smart Return paid for itself each and every month.



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