Our Clients:

Each of our clients, regardless
of size, is of the utmost
importance to us. We will be
proactive in the oversight of
your process, making
suggestions that will improve
cost effectiveness and
efficiency at every turn.

Your primary contact will be a
Senior Manager who is able to
provide answers immediately.


Smart Pay


Smart Pay is a simple process to assist in managing your billings from The PLD Group, quickly, easily and securely. Smart Pay will help you do in minutes what is most likely taking you hours to complete manually.

When you elect for free enrollment to Smart Pay, you are tapping into extraordinary billing expertise. Here’s how it works: The PLD Group will issue an invoice for your print processing – with five (5) days to review. On the 5th day, we will automatically deduct the amount of the invoice from the account you designate (checking, savings, money market etc). That’s all there is to it! No more finance charges for late pay and no more looking for someone to sign the check or upload additional postage into your postage machine. With all the free time, you could begin that project list that’s been patiently waiting on your desk collecting cob webs.

See for yourself how simple this process is. Sign up today and we will automatically take $10.00 off of your current/next invoice. Call our office today and tell our customer service department you want ‘Smart Pay’.


International Payments

For our international customers, we now offer payment through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required and payments can be made using up to 24 different international currencies.

PayPal Logo
Please note, this service is currently only available for our international customers. Domestic payments will not be accepted at this time.

For international customers who would like an alternative to PayPal, we also accept payments through:

Patient Portal

Please be sure to check back often as we are adding additional bill pay options.




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