Our Services

Why use us?

Instead of spending your time trying to figure out how to use your technology efficiently to send out communications or bills to your customers, sit back and let the PLD Group do it right the first time. We have over 30 years of experience and are constantly implementing new technology to improve our processes. You don’t need to be an expert at learning how to do large or personalized mailings yourself. We can save you time and in many cases, do it for less than what it’s costing you now!

The PLD group processes companies’ critical and time-sensitive communications, including monthly statements, invoices, and promotional mailings. We also can fluidly and flawlessly create individually personalized mailings to your current or potential customers.

We are dedicated to creating unequivocal excellence in everything we do and everything we produce. Our clients can always have confidence in our products and service quality.

The PLD Group provides greater efficiency for its client companies for their critical business communications. We partner with our customers to make their administration of critical communications less burdensome through the use of customized high-end technology.

Our Print and Mail services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Our services are available utilizing first class mail, e-statements or electronic delivery. With our popular online bill pay program, we can make it possible for your customers to pay you more easily and faster.

Who We Service:

Our vertical markets include: medical professionals, finance companies, billingcompanies, telecommunication services, collection agencies, utilities and government agencies, as well as a growing number of retail companies and professional service firms.

Data Security

The PLD Group is committed to maintaining a secure environment to store and receive your sensitive information. We have taken every precaution to ensure that any data transmitted by our users cannot be intercepted, viewed, or blocked by unauthorized parties. This remains our highest priority going forward.

The Five Compliance Guidelines 

The PLD Group has you covered whether your industry compliance is focused on HIPAA, CPI, GDPR, FDCP or CFPB. We strive to keep our customers safe from regulatory fines.

Online Bill Payment

How would you like your clients to initiate payment on their end whenever a payment is due using our easy and efficient Online Bill Payment service. E-payments show up in your account within 24 hours eliminating the need to wait for snail mail or “lost mail”.

For Front and Back Office Payments:  Increase collections and cut costs by accepting credit, debit, and eChecks with automated posting to your billing system.

Payment Plans: Our system allows your clients to set upreoccurring payments or future payments.

Review of Features:

  • All Payment Types: Credit, Debit and eCheck
  • All Networks: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and more.
  • Integrated Reporting: Robust, integrated reporting capabilities for all transactions.
  • 24 – hour funding to your existing bank account.
  • Set up is easy, there’s no software to install, keep your existing bank account(s).

Address Cleansing and Updating

If you haven’t done an address cleanse before, you are wasting money mailing to outdated addresses. Furthermore, you aren’t get paid by those customers who moved and may owe you money. 

As a strong proponent of ‘address cleansing,’ The PLD Group is committed to helping our customers improve their response rate with every print file.

1. We cleanse your file to determine how many old or incorrect addresses are included. 

2. We then provide you with new addresses for customers who have moved and left a forwarding address with the USPS, within the last four years.

Return Mail Management

If something you send out comes back undeliverable as addressed, we can run your statements through our innovative Return Mail program to provide you with those addresses that need to be suppressing in your system. This will save you the expense of continuing to mail to a dead-end address.


Available for all your critical communications, this service allows you to go online and track your statements from the initial acceptance at the post office to final delivery.This allows your staff to pre-plan follow up calls by knowing when the mail piece was delivered.

Special Mailings

Want to capitalize on your customers’ birthdays?  Want to announce a retirement?  Do you have a special announcement that you want to make such as new hours or a new staff member?

Our Special Mailing Service is geared to improve customer relations but it might also increase your cash flow and promote return appointments.


When you need special marketing packets, we can process the entire job from concept to mailing. Our expert staff can even help you with creating a concept, then print your specially-designed packets or cards and assemble and mail them for you. 

When you need special marketing packets, we can process the entire job from concept to mailing. Our expert staff can even help you with creating a concept, then print your specially-designed packets or cards and assemble and mail them for you. 

Please ask about our creative marketing services which can save you a bundle and make you look great! 


We can print checks for your accounts payable department, print and mail directly to your vendors, or print and mail refund checks due to your clients. This will eliminate work on your end in several tasks for your AP department. In fact, we can pay all of your vendors if you would like to implement this efficient service.

SmartClaims (Paper Claims)

When there is a need for paper claims, we can initiate a solution to meet our customers’ growing needs. We can work with national or international companies helping them implement anything from a single claim to an unlimited number of paper claims per month. Couple this with SmartStatus and you have a full operation under one roof!

Synergy Partners

Over the years, the PLD Group has partnered with some forward – thinking visionary companies to increase our customer’s office efficiencies. In doing so, we have created a talented team of Synergy Partners who exhibit a fusion of creativity, vision, and technology usage.

Finding the right business partners enables us to tailor solutions to our customers’ needs as they grow and change. We will continue to add synergy partners to our team to offer the highest level of services available, so crucial to your business success.

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