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Printing, folding and inserting sheets of paper


Fixing jammed printers


Replenishing paper in printers


Long-term contracts on postage machines


Stamping and mailing envelopes


Purchasing and managing a print inventory


Wasted forms


Hiring and training new mailroom employees


Coordination of marketing inserts

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Postal Enhancements


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Does your organization take addressing integrity seriously? The USPS does. If your mail pieces are addressed correctly, your organization can cut mailing cost, expedite delivery, and enhance your return response. On the flip side, if not addressed correctly, the cost affects all operational avenues.  This includes but is not limited such effects as loss of cash flow, increased return mail, and loss of productivity.

At The PLD Group, we understand how crucial updated information is for a mailing.  We help you keep your data integrity updated and correct. Proper postal enhancements can either make or break your mailing if the proper tools are not understood and/or used beforehand.

The PLD Group is committed to providing your organization with a combination of postal enhancements to improve the delivery of your mailing.

Postal Enhancements include:

  • Address verification (CASS Certification)- adding the Zip+4 extensions to all of your addresses.
  • DPV – a new process to enhance the CASS Certification system.
  • NCOA (National Change of Address) - ensuring your mail is delivered to the right address.

The postal enhancements utilized within The PLD Group organization are all useful and some are even required tools for customers who are mailing on an ongoing basis with the USPS.  None of these services will provide a 100% match or deliver individually a perfect mailing file.  The industry average move rate is about 10% per year.  With a combination of the address correction and standardization services available as well as on-going mailings and updating your database with returns, your data file can maintain high deliverable rates.  Keeping updated, deliverable mail files will help to ensure that your message is delivered in a prompt and efficient manner.

Benefits of The PLD Group Postal Enhancements:

  • Saves money by reducing your printing costs.
  • Mail pieces are delivered in a prompt and efficient manner.
  • If the address is not recognized, the piece does not print.  This step alone saves you considerable money and time.



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