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What manifests itself as a customer delinquency problem may actually be a postal efficiency issue. Many organizations never trace their customer service costs to postal inefficiencies and unknowingly risk eroding customer satisfaction levels.

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Why the PLD Group?


The PLD Group is committed to helping our clients' businesses perform at peak levels. There are many reasons why you should consider The PLD Group as your statement partner. Here are some of them:

Proven Performance

With 18 years of business processing experience, The PLD Group delivers seamless integrated solutions to meet a client’s most challenging business needs. As a partner-independent single-source services provider, many companies have come to rely on our expertise, innovation, and value.


True Partnership

We believe in personal attention and collaboration. Our team approach allows us to exchange ideas and share responsibilities. The firm's partners have a critical stake in the success of every project and personally manage the entire assignment process.


Award-Winning Quality

The PLD Group is recognized by industry analysts, partners, and most importantly clients. The PLD Group has delivered industry-leading service quality for nearly two decades with awards and recognition to support it.


Comprehensive Services

The PLD Group provides a broad range of management services focused on back office 'cash robbers' that are not normally recognized. The PLD Group’s unique solutions drive down costs, increase productivity, and help clients gain maximum value without the additional expense of resources. The Right Fit Focused on serving North American companies, The PLD Group has proven to be the right fit for both small and medium size clients. We devote all of our energy to serving our selective clients rather than managing a big box philosophy. Because of our select client base, we have minimal off-limits restrictions The PLD Group’s size, flexibility, and lower-operational overhead can offer many advantages and benefits not provided by larger global providers.


Customer Excellence

Our continuing mission is to serve our clients with insight, inspiration, thoroughness, and an overriding belief that their interests come first. Today’s managers do not want a partner who is difficult to reach or communicate with. Clients can always contact us whether by e-mail, telephone, or in person. We take full advantage of technology by responding to e-mail 24/7 as well as having all phone messages forwarded to cell phones. The PLD Group is an organization that provides an easy communication interface; one that’s' truly focused on Customer Excellence.


Best Value

The PLD Group provides clients with the best services value in the industry; delivering “tier-one” service quality and expertise at a “tier-two” cost to our customers.



We are fully dedicated to helping our customers eliminate the problems of printing and mailing statements while saving money and time in the process. We listen to our customers and continue to develop new products and services based on their needs. We remain committed to being the elite in premiere printing services as well as maintaining a sterling reputation in mail service providing. Your feedback is always welcome and we always listen. The PLD Group’s experts are available for you to contact in order to learn more about how The PLD Group’s unique, integrated approach can help you drive greater business value from your back office infrastructure. Any questions or interests can be addressed by completing our Contact us form.



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