Why Use Us :

The Benefits:

• No warehousing of paper, envelopes, or customized forms
• No purchase of equipment and supplies, which sit idle much of the time
• No reruns, reprints or spoiled printing
• Improved cash flow
• Turn-around time within one business day
• Postal net bar-coding speeds delivery and remittance
• Return envelope with addressed remittance slip encourages quick payment
• Address reporting services
• Postal Enhancements including CASS certified address correction, DPV and reporting
• NCOA or National Change of Address (where applicable) plus updated address reporting
• Accurate, high quality, professional looking statements/invoices
• No set-up fee
• Integration of personalized messages on customer mailings. Messages can be tailored for any group of aging
• Compatible with any software application
• Better use of labor resources
• Consolidated billing for multiple accounts or services on one invoice / statement
• Data transfer - 24x7x365



PDF Viewing / Online Viewing


Smart View makes your billing process easy and effortless. No longer will you or your staff waste time hunting endlessly for the right customer billing information. When your customers call you need to provide accurate answers quickly. Smart View gives you immediate PDF format ccess to the exact bill your customer received. This means faster and better resolution to your customers’ inquiries and concerns. Smart View is a powerful way to provide your customers with superior service while showing them that you company is focused on their needs.

Smart View’s Instant Replay feature lets you resend documents on demand via e-mail, fax or mail—saving you time and effort.  If your customer requests another copy of a bill, you will be able to simply point and click. Smart View keeps account-specific notes easily and efficiently, allowing you to reference critical customer information when you need it.

Need to see customer History? No problem. You can store your billing information permanently with CD-ROM archiving or net-based archiving. Printed and mailed documents are transferred to CD-ROM where they significantly reduce physical and electronic storage space. Documents stored on CD-ROM are fully searchable and accessible. Likewise, all of your statements can be stored on a private and secure net-based location, where they can be accessed for future reference. Whether you want to protect and save your data or reference it, archiving is the solution. Smart View can archive your PDF files for quick and easy reference. Then, when you need your files they are there—at your fingertips.

Need something special? Smart View can be customized to your company, to your brand, and to how you work. It’s your window to archiving statements, making it easy to search for critical information at a moment’s notice and to present it electronically to your customer.

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