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What manifests itself as a customer delinquency problem may actually be a postal efficiency issue. Many organizations never trace their customer service costs to postal inefficiencies and unknowingly risk eroding customer satisfaction levels.

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Patti DrinvilleFor the last 18 years, we have built our reputation by effectively responding to the needs of our clients, no matter what the request. It's one of our core values and a priority that permeates into everything we do.

The PLD Group has become a valued partner in producing and delivering quality business communications. We have the technology and knowledge to turn even the most complex information into quality direct mail, billing statements, notices, and collection letters that are delivered to the right people on time and on budget. We do this all with unprecedented quality and customer service.

Early in my career, I realized that larger corporations and fortune 500 companies benefited from utilizing unique resources, giving them a cutting edge. Unfortunately, these same resources were cost prohibitive or not available to the smaller or medium size companies, who quickly found themselves left out when it came to technology and innovation solutions. The result became a larger gap between the two entities. Outsourcing became evident in the 90’s as a way to close this gap.

As competition intensifies and as pressure increases to cut cost and boost efficiencies, companies must continue to pare away non-core functions so they can focus more intently on speed, building customer relationships and increasing value. At The PLD Group, we offer complete solutions based on our knowledge of your industry and your unique needs. Our combination of experience, strength in outsourcing, and consulting have been proven to help our clients in cutting costs, boosting productivity, and increasing flexibility by freeing up key personnel to focus on a company’s core business.

There is a lot more to technology business solutions today than ‘hang and print’ – a well known philosophy of several of our competitors. We know the technology available as well as the networks and alliances needed to make them work. We also understand that changing technology means changing the way you and your people work and run your business to create future opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site. We appreciate your browsing and hope you will visit us on a regular basis. When you are ready to improve profitability and gain speed towards market growth, we hope you will contact us. No matter what you need, we promise to be responsive and focused on you.

As Roger Staubach (former NFL quarterback and businessman) said, "There are no traffic jams along the extra mile." For those of you we've worked with in the past, you've seen our responsiveness in action. For those of you we haven't yet worked with, we look forward to proving ourselves to you by going the extra mile on your behalf.


Patti Drinville



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