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With The PLD Group
You will no longer

worry about...


Printing, folding and inserting sheets of paper


Fixing jammed printers


Replenishing paper in printers


Long-term contracts on postage machines


Stamping and mailing envelopes


Purchasing and managing a print inventory


Wasted forms


Hiring and training new mailroom employees


Coordination of marketing inserts




Beginning in August 2007, The PLD Group implemented a new technology that allows our customers’ to send their critical mail with the highest level of address accuracy. As a compliment to CASS Certification, DPV will confirm whether an address actually exists, right down to the apartment or suite number.

DPV goes beyond the standard CASS certification process by verifying if an address is actually served by the USPS. Before DPV, addresses could only be verified (via CASS Certification) to a range of addresses on a given street and not a specific delivery location.

Once an address is verified, corrected, and standardized to USPS specifications, a ZIP+4 code is appended to the record. The PLD Groups postal enhancement system will then link the address through DPV.

Once your file is completed, a full report will be provided enabling your staff to update and correct your database. These electronic reports contain customer name, account number, supplied address as well as an error code. Having a timely report will ensure your organization does not continue to send your documents to your customer's old address.

The benefits to our customers are significant:



Accurate addresses


Higher response rates from your customers and prospects because mail pieces are more professional in appearance


Increased processing efficiency within your computerized mailing and marketing operations


Prompt delivery of your mail


An improved bottom line as a result of postal discounts and incentives


Once a premium service, DPV contains the information for every location that the Postal Service delivers to (almost 150 million delivery points). As a compliment to CASS, DPV helps identify inaccurate, incomplete or erroneous addresses.


Did you know? In the scenario under CASS certification, the address of 123 Main St would be identified as not a valid address and would not be printed?



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