Why Use Us :

The Benefits:

• No warehousing of paper, envelopes, or customized forms
• No purchase of equipment and supplies, which sit idle much of the time
• No reruns, reprints or spoiled printing
• Improved cash flow
• Turn-around time within one business day
• Postal net bar-coding speeds delivery and remittance
• Return envelope with addressed remittance slip encourages quick payment
• Address reporting services
• Postal Enhancements including CASS certified address correction, DPV and reporting
• NCOA or National Change of Address (where applicable) plus updated address reporting
• Accurate, high quality, professional looking statements/invoices
• No set-up fee
• Integration of personalized messages on customer mailings. Messages can be tailored for any group of aging
• Compatible with any software application
• Better use of labor resources
• Consolidated billing for multiple accounts or services on one invoice / statement
• Data transfer - 24x7x365



Data Security

smart facts


The PLD Group Inc. data processing strategy focuses on flexibility and integrity. The PLD Group Inc. offers around the clock data transmissions, 365 days of the year. We are equipped to accept multiple data streams from more than one site.


The PLD Group Inc. is committed to safeguarding your security and has implemented several lines of defense to protect you. We use industry-standard hardware and software in combination with authentication and certification by third parties to protect the transmission of data, the processing of data and storing data.


We have taken extensive steps to ensure that any data transmitted by our users can not be intercepted, viewed, or blocked by unauthorized parties. We have also established policies telling our users how we use and store their information.


The PLD Group Inc is committed to maintaining a secure environment to store and receive your sensitive information. We have taken every precaution to protect data and are constantly improving our security procedures. We will continue to make data security a top priority as new technology becomes available. Additionally, the facility adheres to the following telecommunication security procedures:

  • All external connections will be secured with user ID/Password protection at all times.
  • CISCO firewalls or an equivalent will be used at all times.
  • All external communications are fire walled at all times.
  • 3rd party certifications will be in place and up to date at all times


Disaster Recovery:


Studies show that 80 percent of those businesses impacted by a disaster disappear within three years because they did not have a comprehensive contingency plan in place prior to the disaster. In order to avoid this fate, a well-designed disaster recovery plan is essential, especially for companies that process, print, and mail invoices, statements or other critical documents as a means of income or communication.


Having a disaster recovery plan is one thing – to need it and know it works flawlessly is another key point of partnering with The PLD Group. Since the 2005 hurricane devastation, contingency plans have been implemented twice with 100% success. Each situation was implemented within moments of a disaster with activity from our clients being transparent from the onset.


If a service center goes down, how can you be assured your printing will not be delayed? Our networked service centers also have these concerns and looks for alternative methods on an ongoing basis.


For example, currently, at one service center, there are four image printers. If one goes down there is another standing by ready to reload with your order. If more than one printer goes down, the company has an “on call” service contract enabling the presence of a repair professional on the premises within 2 hours.


Our contingency plan is extensive and audited/tested several times throughout the year. With several strategic service centers nationwide, your order will not be held up for longer than necessary.


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