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What manifests itself as a customer delinquency problem may actually be a postal efficiency issue. Many organizations never trace their customer service costs to postal inefficiencies and unknowingly risk eroding customer satisfaction levels.

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Core Values


Our Client's Are Our First Concern

We exist to serve them and to help them realize the resources available to them. Are Clients alone are our reason to be. We are steadfastly committed to making all decisions with their welfare first and foremost in our mind.

Absolute Integrity and Unquestionable Ethical Standards

Our word is our bond. We build trust and we keep that trust sacred. We delight in promising a lot and enjoy delivering even more than we promised. We play fair.

Long-term Relationships

We believe that business is all about relationships. We value and honor our relationships with clients, suppliers, employees, independent contractors, partners, and associates.

Constant and Never-ending Improvement

It’s what The PLD Group is all about. We’re dedicated to creating unequivocal excellence in everything we do and everything we produce. Our clients can always have confidence in our products and service quality.

Profitability and Growth

We generate profit and growth in order to make all other values and objectives possible. It is our intention to serve hundreds of thousands of customers nationwide.





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