Did You Know?

What manifests itself as a customer delinquency problem may actually be a postal efficiency issue. Many organizations never trace their customer service costs to postal inefficiencies and unknowingly risk eroding customer satisfaction levels.


Financial and Check Printing


At The PLD Group, we understand time is money, particularly when it comes to financial printing. You need a printing partner who understands your business and can keep pace with your demanding schedule. You have better things to do than worry about the expertise of the printing partner during a complicated financial transaction.

That's where we come in. We understand that deadlines are set in stone and accuracy is critical. Examples of transaction financial documents include statements, invoices, evidence of coverage, contracts/proposals, 401K or other retirement plans, brokerage accounts, insurance policies and checks.

Secure Check Services - Business check printing is very important for a serious business for its ability to bring into fruition the materialization of wide-ranging high quality checks. The PLD Group provides our customers with the ability to outsource the printing, insertion and distribution of accounts payable checks in an economic, standard format. Using print file data, we print checks with an image-survivable security feature and process with the Check Inspector service to eliminate altered check fraud.





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