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With The PLD Group
You will no longer

worry about...


Printing, folding and inserting sheets of paper


Fixing jammed printers


Replenishing paper in printers


Long-term contracts on postage machines


Stamping and mailing envelopes


Purchasing and managing a print inventory


Wasted forms


Hiring and training new mailroom employees


Coordination of marketing inserts


CASS Certification


With The PLD Group, you can be assured your files are certified by the USPS as meeting all requirements of the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS). CASS is the process that assures accurate carrier route, 5-Digit, ZIP+4 Codes, and Delivery Point Barcodes are placed on mail pieces by address-matching software. To receive automation-based discount rates, the USPS requires that mailings be produced from address lists that have been matched to CASS-certified software within the last 3 months.

Besides meeting all USPS standards on ZIP codes for discounts and incentives, we standardize each input address to conform to the Postal Service's requirements for format and content. The program does this by:



Adding missing address information


Standardizing city names and two-character state abbreviations


Correcting misspelled address elements


Converting addresses into a format readable by USPS automation equipment


Our program cleans codes and standardizes the address information, according to USPS standards, in a single pass of the data file.

Once your file is completed, a full report will be provided enabling your staff to update and correct your database. These electronic reports contain customer name, account number, supplied address as well as an error code. Having a timely report will ensure your organization does not continue to send your documents to your customer's old address.

The benefits to our customers are significant:



Accurate addresses


Higher response rates from your customers and prospects because mail pieces are more professional in appearance


Increased processing efficiency within your computerized mailing and marketing operations


Prompt delivery of your mail


An improved bottom line as a result of postal discounts and incentives


CASS Certification is a mandatory requirement for automation discounts; this process standardizes an address using standard abbreviations, correct spelling and proper format. Once certified, the zip code is extended to Zip+4 pointing that address to a known block range. Did you know? An address could certify and still not be deliverable … for example Main St has addresses from 101 to 199 as the designated USPS block. 123 Main St will then barcode even though there is no such building or house with a 123 Main St address


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