Our Clients:

Each of our clients, regardless
of size, is of the utmost
importance to us. We will be
proactive in the oversight of
your process, making
suggestions that will improve
cost effectiveness and
efficiency at every turn.

Your primary contact will be a
Senior Manager who is able to
provide answers immediately.


Capability Overview


The PLD Group specializes in printing, mailing, and database management associated with bills, statements and other financial documents. The vast majority of transaction documents are printed with high-speed black-and-white laser printers and on-demand with our top-notch color printers as well. Security, speed, and low cost are key factors in the production process.

Advanced Production Capabilities:
Our high speed laser printers can produce simplex, duplex or multiplex letters at 600 dpi resolution guaranteeing sharp text, logos, customized headers and signatures using any font or styling.
In addition, we offer:

  • Knowledgeable and courteous customer service team available during all U.S. business hours
  • National Change of Address processing (NCOA)
  • Phone number lookup (Smart Skip)
  • Bankruptcy/Deceased processing (Smart Skip)
  • State blocking before and after NCOA
  • Low balance blocking (Smart Suppression)
  • 24 hour, 7 day data processing capabilities
  • Daily transmission reconciliation (BMR) report uploaded within 24 hours
  • CASS Certified Software for address standardization
  • Invalid address blocking (DPV)
  • High end logo and signature scanning capabilities for sharp reproduction quality
  • Multiple letter formats (Progressive Statements)
  • 600 DPI print quality - simplex, duplex and multiplex capabilities
  • Delivery Point Barcoding printed on letters (DPV)
  • Blind meter postmark
  • Duplicate file detection
  • Modem, e-mail or Secure FTP transmission capabilities
  • Itemized monthly or weekly billing
  • Client list reporting questionable addresses, updates (BMR)
  • Courtesy reply Post Net Barcoding
  • Fully redundant client server system
  • Credit card payment option on statements


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