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What manifests itself as a customer delinquency problem may actually be a postal efficiency issue. Many organizations never trace their customer service costs to postal inefficiencies and unknowingly risk eroding customer satisfaction levels.

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Since 1993, The PLD Group has specialized in helping companies become more successful in what they do best. The ultimate goal has been to build shareholders value; we continually strive to help small to medium size companies by improving performance and profitability while reducing operating costs.

From simple to complex, The PLD Group is committed to servicing our clients with statement processing and undeliverable mail needs from the simple to the complex. Our experienced and knowledgeable team consults one on one with companies to improve office efficiencies as well as budgets.

Stop by frequently, or better yet, bookmark our web site. We will be updating our site on a regular basis to share with you the latest industry updates and information. Our information sharing is geared to help you challenge and improve your office efficiencies.

To become the leading provider in all outsourcing needs surrounding statement process mailings, undeliverable mail, and to be recognized in the industry as such.

To consistently exceed our customers' expectations while becoming the standard for which small to medium size companies measure back-office efficiencies.





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